There are two types of membership

1.Regular Members:

This consists of corporate institutions including colleges registered as limited liability companies and business names or any other corporate identity but do not include human persons who endorse KENAPCO objectives and have been admitted to membership.

2.Supporting members:

These shall consist of Organizations and individuals who endorse KENAPCO objectives and provide financial support for KENAPCO activities mainly through the payment of annual membership dues.

Download  KENAPCO Membership Form

Admittance To Membership

Members must meet the following conditions:

  1. Share Kenapco’s objectives and intend to carry out related activities.
  2. Participate in KENAPCO General Meeting.
  3. Contribute separately stipulated membership dues every fiscal year.
  4. Corporate institutions such as limited companies, Business names, and other organizations must have at least one year of operational experience.
  5. Organizations must have within them a certificate of registration and a governing instrument such as a constitution, partnership deed or articles and memorandum of association which shall be filed with KENAPCO including any changes made to them.

Membership Admission procedure

  1. Organizations and individuals seeking admission as members must apply to the Chairman through the Secretary using the application format stipulated from time to time separately by the secretariat
  2. Upon receipt of such applications, the Chairman and Secretary will table the same to the full committee for consideration and admit the organization or individual to membership if the applicant meets the above-listed conditions and no appropriate reason exists to decline the application.
  3. If the application is declined, the applicant shall speedily and without undue delay is notified in writing of the decision which decision shall be final. The Committee need not give a reason or explanation for the refusal.

Membership Dues

Each calendar year, regular members shall contribute to KENAPCO organization and operation by paying membership dues as may be advised from time to time. 

  • The Membership Registration fee is now set at Kenya Shillings 3,000.00 before joining as a member.
  • The subscription fee is now set at Kenya Shillings 12,000.00 annually.

Download  KENAPCO Membership Form