KENAPCO (Kenya National Association of Private Colleges ) is a registered society in the Republic of Kenya under the registration certificate number 34720

It is a society whose main objective is to collaborate with Government to ensure quality standards in training in private middle-level colleges in accordance with government set out standards and the governing institutions thereof such and by advancing such activities, works to contribute to the advancement and harmony of the education system offered by Government in the training and collaboration with the relevant Government departments to enhance quality in training.  Read our constitution

KENAPCO Specific Objectives

In pursuing the above-stated main objective, Knapco shall carry out “special”

Activities in the following areas:

  1. Promoting middle-level college education
  2. Promoting felicitous educational development
  3. To support Government policies in training and tutelage
  4. To engage Government in policy matters with a view to ensuring recognition of middle-level colleges and enhancement of regulated examination by the national and international examination bodies and regulated syllabus.
  5. To collaborate and complement Government policies in training
  6. Safeguarding the place of middle level and tertiary education institutions
  7. Promoting the recognition of middle level and tertiary training and the guarding of the transition of graduates to universities.
  8. Receive information from Government and other institutions or bodies and relay or disseminate the same to members.
  9. Promoting the wholesome fostering of Private middle-level college students and education
  10. Liaison, advisory, and support activities in connection with setting up standards in conjunction with National accredited examination bodies.
  11. To recruit,  train and advise members from time to time
  12. To protect the  interests and welfare of members
  13. To ensure members adhere to the rules and professional code of conduct
  14. To promote, engage or pursue such activities or goals for purposes of attaining the aforesaid specific and general objectives.
  15. To be non-political
  16. To open and operate branches in all or such parts of the country from time